Author: » Manvir Randhawa


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To Startup or Not To Startup….

It all starts with an Idea… So you have one but an Idea itself is not going to make you successful. You need to convert that idea into a successful business. It takes hard work, right team, correct synergy and most of all money to start-up. It is said that 9 out of 10 start-ups […]

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A long time ago, entrepreneurs┬ástarted out themselves and grew their businesses big. It was a one man show. It took time but they were successful. Well, times have changed. The business environment today is very complex and very competitive. It is absolutely impossible for one person to handle all aspects of business. So what do […]

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The Structure…

Often start-ups with a great idea and a great team hit road blocks while scaling up. Usually they realize this when acquiring finance. These road blocks are because the company was not structured correctly. This brings me to a very crucial step in the whole start-up process – The Structure. The Structure of the company […]

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Board of Advisers…

Young entrepreneurs often have great ideas but less experience in running a company. Lack of experience and knowledge about the forthcoming challenges and how to tackle them effectively can slow the growth of the company significantly. This is where advisers come in. Advisers or Board of Advisers as it is often called is a group […]