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Starting up a business seems very exciting to a lot of people. To be your own boss, to grow the business, to follow your dreams, to make a difference and also to earn money. But should one venture into starting up a business? It looks rosy from the outside but starting up and running a business is more difficult than one thinks it to be. There are various challenges that a start-up will face that will decide how the company shapes up to success or failure.

Over the years, I have been associated with starting up 3 companies. These companies taught me a great deal about the extremely challenging business environment from starting up to selling the company. When, I started my first company, there were very few forums to exchange information, not many people were willing to help mentor the company and advisers were difficult to reach out to.

I am very passionate about start-up companies and after my successful exit from the previous company, I am helping other interesting start-ups to scale up.

Through this blog, I aim to address some common business challenges that one is likely to face while starting up and scaling and some specific business challenges that either I have faced or the companies that I advise today face and how to resolve them. If you have any specific question that you need an answer to, please reach out to me via the Contact Form and I will do my best to address the question.

Manvir Randhawa

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